Snowmobile tours in Kiruna

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Snowmobile tours in Kiruna


Snowmobile to the Jukkasjärvi ICEHOTEL

During this tour you will get to drive a snow mobile in various terrains, on snow and ice on our way to Jukkasjärvi and ICEHOTEL. We eat lunch at the ICEHOTEL restaurant and then visit the hotel before we head back to Hotell E10.

Snow mobile through the woods

During wintertime it’s common to get around using a snowmobile in northern Sweden. On this tour we start at Hotel E-10 and head out for the beautiful, snow-covered landscape. We stop for a local snack in a heated wooden hut before we get back on our snowmobiles and continue our drive through woods and over frozen lakes. This is a perfect tour if you love to ride a snowmobile!


Chase the Northern Light with Snowmobile

Join us on an exciting excurision where we chase the Northern Light.

About the Northern Lights

The northern Lights (its Latin name is Aurora Borealis) is mainly visible around our planets two magnetic poles. In the northern hemisphere it is called the Northern Lights and in the southern hemisphere it is called the Southern Lights. From December to March, Hotel E10 arrange snowmobile excursions where you can chase the northern lights.

What is Northern Light?

The northern lights appear when charged particles from space enters our atmosphere and collide with particles that already exists in our atmosphere (atoms and molecules). The light that arise during the collision is what we call the northern light.

The reason why the northern lights (and the southern lights) occur at the poles is that the particles from space are captured in the earth’s magnetic field and are directed towards the two poles of the earth.

Where does the name Northern Lights come from?

The latin name Aurora Borealis has its origins in the Roman language and Roman mythology. Aurora is the goddess of dawn and Borealis means northern.

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