Dog sled ride in Kiruna

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Experience the feeling of going Alaskan Husky dog sled in Lappland

Frozen expanses, shimmering snow everywhere, a frozen lake or river, silence.

The only sound that is heard is the breath of the sled dogs.

Suddenly the tour starts and you become one with the sled dogs, one with the snow covered ground and one with nature in all its glory.

Only few ever gets to experience a dog sled tour and it’s really a memory for life.

When you are above the Arctic Circle in Sweden and experience a mode of transport that the indigenous people have used since ancient times, you will understand what we mean.

Dog sledding is for everyone

Dog sledding is an activity that is suitable for the whole family, the staff on a kick-off or for those who want to experience Lappland’s nature in a genuine way.

You can choose to drive the dog sled yourself or let a guide run the dogs for you so you can experience the wonderful view in peace and quiet down in reindeer skin and warm clothes.

What is included in the dog sled tour?

An important part of this experience is when we stop to eat.

When you sit by the open fire and eat surrounded by the Nordic nature and the sled dogs you find yourself both in the past and in the present. Your experience end perception is the same as those who lived in the area centuries ago.

This feeling is almost impossible to describe. It must be experienced.

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